Now we knew that the Columbia 32 was a speedy little boat but we never knew how speedy. Well now we do! The Friday before New Year's Eve members of the team took advantage of the blustery Santa Ana Wind and sailed the boat to San Diego!

They managed to sail the approximate course of 80 miles in a little more then four hours! They consistently saw speeds ranging from 10 knots with the occasional 22. This was so much fun and was a great learning opportunity for the team to understand the full capabilities of the boat!

The next generation of America's best sailors is up and coming. Our team is a solid foundation for passionate individuals to take the next step.

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-Match Racing

-Offshore Sailing

-One Design Sailing

-Team Racing

To emphasize the nationalism of the team we do not have one specific base location. However, we have often seen ourselves training in Long Beach or Newport Rhode Island.