LBYC California Dreamin

Sunny California never fails to provide, and it certainly upkept the reputation for the third part of The California Match Racing Series. The seventh and eighth of April proved to be ideal days for racing off the Belmont Pier in Long Beach. Red Star made a showing with Charlie Welsh on helm, Matt Hecht on main, Daniel Roberts and Robert Garrett on Trim, John Coakley in the pit, and Alexander Kraebal on foredeck. The practice day was the first day this crew combination had ever sailed together, and for the majority the first time stepping aboard a Catalina 37. The team quickly learned the maneuvers, and brought intensity to the race course. After a double round robin over two days filled with sunshine and sufficient breeze, Red Star proved to be a contender against the competition despite the inexperience in the boats and new combination, ending with a positive record. When it was all said and done Red Star had tied for fourth place in points but lost the tie breaker, a high enough of a placing to take the title as the winners of the 2018 California Dreaming series, and with an entrance to the 2019 Ficker Cup. A big thank you to Long Beach Yacht Club for hosting, thank you to the umpires for overseeing the racing, and to the competition for making the racing enjoyable. Red Star is highly anticipating Ficker Cup and growing as a team.

The next generation of America's best sailors is up and coming. Our team is a solid foundation for passionate individuals to take the next step.

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To emphasize the nationalism of the team we do not have one specific base location. However, we have often seen ourselves training in Long Beach or Newport Rhode Island.